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Author instructions
While Chamber & Row typically invites prospective authors with outstanding reputations to prepare
manuscripts that have specific appeal, we are always open to proposals from social, academic and
organizational leaders in their field. Authors or agents should not submit a manuscript without first
submitting a book proposal. Unsolicitied manuscripts will not be considered.
Book Genre
Editors will only consider book proposals that have scientific or scholarly merit; non-fiction proposals
that have scholarly merit; or astute business understanding and/or application ('business' may also
include not-for-profit and public organizations).

Book Proposals
Authors wishing to publish with Chamber & Row should submit a book proposal containing the following
sections to .
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"The perfect fit"
Publishing scholarly books in relatively low volumes is tricky if you don't
know what you're doing. The right publisher, with a particular focus, and
the right business model is the perfect fit for most scholars and experts.
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Title: Proposed name of book.
Contact: Name and contact information for the author (or lead author).
Summary: A one to two page overview of the project.
Market: A marketing analysis of perhaps half a page, explaining who the audience is for the
book, and why the book will appeal to them.
Competition: A brief description of competing books, with emphasis on recent commercially
successful books in the field (if there are any), and why your book fills a need not currently
filled in this field.
Biography: A half page biography of each author that emphasizes their expertise.
Contents: A proposed Table of Contents (TOC) that is quite literally a list of chapters and their subheadings.
Chapters: A half page description of each chapter listed in the TOC.
Sample: A sample chapter from the book.