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Simulation and Analysis of Transient Processes in Open Axially-Symmetrical Structures: Method of Exact Absorbing Boundary Conditions

O Shafalyuk, Y Sirenko… - Electromagnetic Waves/Book -
Present day methodologies for mathematical simulation and computational experiment are
generally implemented in electromagnetics through the solution of boundary-value
(frequency domain) problems and initial boundary-value (time domain) problems for ...

Shear wave velocity models beneath Antarctic margins inverted by genetic algorithm for teleseismic receiver functions, this book

M Kanao… - 2011 -
Study on shear velocity structure of the crust and the uppermost mantle around Antarctic
continent was started in the 1960's by using surface waves of the earthquakes occurred
around Antarctic plate (Evison et al., 1960; Kovach and Press, 1961). Permanent seismic ...

History of Coronary Angiography

R Wake, M Yoshiyama -
... The radiograph in his book required an exposure time of 20 minutes, with the tube only 30
inches (76 cm) from the radiographic plate (Figure 1). 3. Angiogram ... Book Company. 1896.”
In this book, his remarks concerning contrast studies are intriguing. ...

Euthanasia, Dignity, Autonomy-A Reflection on Medicine

DA Lossignol… - Edited by Josef Kure, 2011 -
... This is well described in the book “Principles of biomedical ethics of Beauchamp and Childress2,
(5). By contrary, if this sedation is proposed as an “alternative” to euthanasia, it is an intellectually
inappropriate process that is aimed merely at appeasing the practitioner's ...

Psychogenic Pseudoepileptic Seizures–From Ancient Time to the Present

J Jedrzejczak… -
... 235 chapter 21 of the First Book of Samuel we find the story of young David escaping
from Saul to the Philistines. ... In the fourth book of the Pentateuch we find the story of Balaam,
a Midianite, who prophesized the coming of the Holy Spirit. ...

Passive Radar using COFDM (DAB or DVB-T) Broadcasters as Opportunistic Illuminators

P Dominique - 2011 -
... These paragraphs will introduce our notations and should be sufficient in order to
fully understand this chapter. If not, it is still possible to consider a „classical“ radar
book as well as some articles on COFDM like [Alard et al 1987]. ...

Testicular Germ Cell Tumours–A European and UK Perspective

N Vasdev… -
... In this book chapter we present the incidence and clinical presentation, classification,
epidemiology and aetiology, molecular developments, tumour markers, staging, management
strategies including the role of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and Reteroperitoneal lymph node ...

Nitrooxidative Stress and Neurodegeneration

M Fiedorowicz… -
... oxygen and nitrogen, most of which are free radicals. The amount of literature on
this subject is so large, that its comprehensive review would require a
multi-thousand-page book. In the present chapter we will concentrate on ...

Close-to-Nature Forest Management: The Danish Approach to Sustainable Forestry

JB Larsen -
... The third “wave” of nature-based forestry has developed arund 1920 in northern Germany when
Alfred Möller published the book “Der Dauerwaldgedanke” (Möller, 1922). His paradigm of a
continuation forest differs essentially from other nature-based concepts. ...

Linear and Nonlinear Femtosecond Optics in Isotropic Media–Ionization-Free Filamentation

K Kovachev… - Laser Pulses/Book 1, chapter -
In the process of investigating the filamentation of a power femtosecond (fs) laser pulse
many new physical effects have been observed, such as long-range self-channeling (1–3),
coherent and incoherent radial and forward THz emission (4–6), asymmetric pulse ...

Sleep Concerns and Disorders in Children with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

O Battisti -
... Page 2. A Comprehensive Book on Autism Spectrum Disorders 198 retardation, an
epilepsy, the effects of psychotropic drugs. ... Sleep disorders in ASD are listed in Table II.
Page 4. A Comprehensive Book on Autism Spectrum Disorders 200 ...

The pivotal role of GSK3ß in glioma biology

M Nakada, T Minamoto, IV Pyko, Y Hayashi… - … Tumor/Book, 2011 -
Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most common malignant primary brain tumor in adults and one of
the most lethal of all human cancers. Despite substantial advances in surgical intervention
and combining radiotherapy regimens with new generation chemotherapies, the median ...

Abstraction for Genetics-Based Reinforcement Learning

W Browne, D Scott… - … , eds. Weber, C., Elshaw, M. and …, 2008 -
... to the cerebellum. Kim has the ability to analyse certain types of information in great
detail, eg Kim's father indicates that by the age of 16-20 months Kim was able to
memorize every book that was read to him. It is speculated ...

Role of Dexamethasone in Meningitis

E uddin Siddiqui, GI Qazi -
... 10. Acknowledgment I would like to thanks Ms Uzma Siddiqui who gave me enormous moral
assistant in writing this book chapter. ... Red Book: Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases,
28th ed, American Academy of Pediatrics, Elk Grove Village, IL. Page 8. Meningitis 216 ...

Research and Clinical Applications of Facial Analysis in Dentistry

B de Lima Lucas, RB Júnior, LC Gonçalves… -
... 1993). According to Vadachkoriia et. al. (2007), Luka Pacholi published the book
of the "Divine Proportion" illustrated by Leonardo de Vinci, in 1509, Italy. This work
has been recognized as a "Hymn of a Gold Proportion". In ...

Quantum Gravity in Cantorian Space-Time

L Marek-Crnjac -
... namely log 20 log 3 D = as explained for instance in the classical book of Mandelbrot [2]. ... In the
year 1995 Nobel laureate Prof. Ilya Prigogine, Otto Rössler and MS El Naschie edited an important
book [7] in which the basic principles of fractal space-time were spelled out. ...

Thinking Skill of Emotional Intelligence Education Programme

M Yilmaz -
... Education Model is prepared considering Philip Burnard's “Interpersonal Skills Training” book,
Martin Orridge's “75 Ways to Liven Up Your Training”, Debbie Pincus's”Manner Matter Activities
to Teach Young People Social Skills”, Seymour Epstein's “Constructive Thinking ...

Augmented Reality Applied to Card Games

H Okada… - Augmented Reality, In-Tech Publishing, …, 2010 -
... Piece scores are shown in Table 1. For example, if a player wins a round in the five turns with
?K, the player gains 20 (=5*4) points. For more details, see a reference book, eg, (Sackson,
1992). ... For more details, see a reference book, eg, (Parlett, 2009). ...

The Role of Quantum Dynamics in Covalent Bonding–A Comparison of the Thomas-Fermi and Hückel Models

S Nordholm… -
... This view was supported by Coulson who in his famous book Valence [10] in 1961 pointed to
the Virial Theorem of Coulombic systems which showed rigorously that when a molecule in its
equilibrium (lowest energy) configuration was formed from infinitely separated atoms the ...

Audio Interfaces for Improved Accessibility

C Duarte… - Advances in Human Computer Interaction, 2008 -
... This chapter reflects on how audio interaction can improve interface accessibility, and shows
its usefulness by describing the development of an audio based interface for Digital Talking
Book (DTB) listening. ... 2. Digital Talking Book Presentation ...

Hurricanes: Catastrophic Effects and Their Physical Nature

GS Golitsyn -
... The description of TC from the synoptical point of view is presented well in the classical book
by E.Palmen and CWNewton “Atmospheric Circulation Systems” [1]. TCs are important elements
of the General Circulation of our Atmosphere bringing substantial amount of moisture ...

The Polar Cap PC Indices: Relations to Solar Wind and Global Disturbances

P Stauning -
... The interaction between the solar wind and the Earth's magnetosphere is sketched in Fig.
1 (from GEM Source book, 1999). ... Page 4. Exploring the Solar Wind 360 Fig. 1. Simplified
sketch of magnetospheric structure (from GEM Source Book, 1999) ...

Bilogical, Archeological and Culturological Evidences of Paleoasiatic Origin of Northern Mongoloids, Caucasoids and American Indians

A Nazarova -
... The data on the migration of the invertebrates (annelids) and the migration of birds
described in the book (9) shows a general tendency of representatives of the animal
kingdom to migrate in ancients time from south Siberia to its north. ...

AWGN Watermark in Images and E-Books–Optimal Embedding Strength

V Vuckovic, B Vuckovic -
... In Fig. 1, linear correlation values of these images with reference patterns are shown (c0 is
the first page scan of the Ruder Boškovic's book 'Elementa geometriae', a=3, k=20, compression
is DjVu Photo, made by program DjVu Solo 3.1 – LizardTech, Inc). ...

Characteristics of Mechanical Noise during Motion Control Applications

ME Yüksekkaya -
... It could be easily noticed Source: Motion Control, Book edited by: Federico Casolo, ISBN
978-953-7619-55-8, pp. ... 0 (3) This is an equation of harmonic motion and its solution was
discussed in almost every differential equation book (Halliday et al., 2007; Zill & Cullen, 2006). ...

Establishment a Resource Management Program for Accreditation Process at the Medical Laboratory

S Yenice -
... Our EOSHP project was introduced as a reference case and published in the source book entitled
“Understanding Health Care Facility Safety” by Joint Commission [18]. The EOSHP puts a system
in place that employees have both the right and the need to know about the ...

Establishing and retrieving domain knowledge from semi-structural corpora

... Since the training corpus is the descriptions of wild bird in an illustrated handbook, corpus B2
(another illustrated book) had the best average precision ratio; corpus E (domain expert) also
achieve good result; however, corpus U (naive user) can only got good result when a is ...

Shift Invariant Biorthogonal Discrete Wavelet Transform for EEG Signal Analysis

JT Olkkonen… -
... In this book chapter we introduce a linear phase and shift invariant BDWT bank consisting
of M fractionally delayed wavelets. ... 2006). 4. Discussion This book chapter presents an
original idea for construction of the shift invariant BDWT bank. ...

Whiteheadian Structured Societies as Open-Ended Systems and Open-Ended Systems as Whiteheadian Structured Societies1

JA Bracken -
... In Page 2. Metaphysics 112 establishing my first thesis I will make reference to the work of the
natural scientist Stuart Kauffman in his book At Home in the Universe and to the proposal of the
evolutionary psychologist David Sloan Wilson in his book Darwin's Cathedral. ...

Confocal Neurolasermicroscopy-Modern Perspectives for Glioma Resection on a Cellular Level

HG Schlosser… - Glioma/Book -
Confocal neurolasermicroscopy (NLM)(Schlosser et al., 2009 (Epub)) is the current front end
of the innovative process in neurosurgery for optimizing the operative results. Hence NLM is
the continuance of a protracted development. Microscopic imaging technologies in ...

Wind Turbines with Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator and Full-Power Converters: Modelling, Control and Simulation

R Melício, VMF Mendes… -
... nowadays. This book chapter is an involvement on those models, but dealing with
wind energy conversion systems consisting of wind turbines with permanent magnet
synchronous generators (PMSG) and full-power converters. ...

Investigating spontaneous facial action recognition through aam representations of the face

S Lucey, AB Ashraf… - Face recognition, 2007 -
... Spontaneous facial actions are representative of “real-world” facial Source: Face Recognition,
Book edited by: Kresimir Delac and Mislav Grgic, ISBN 978-3-902613-03-5, pp.558, I-Tech, Vienna,
Austria, June 2007 Open Access Database Page 2. ...

Spatial and Temporal Variation in Evapotranspiration

J HATFIELD… - Book Chapter, 2011 -
Evapotranspiration represents the combined loss of soil water from the earth's surface to the
atmosphere through evaporation of water from the soil or plant surfaces and transpiration via
stomates of the plant. In agricultural production systems these two losses of water ...

History of Different Therapeutics of Venereal Disease Before the Discovery of Penicillin

J Forrai -
... The physicians brought up in the tradition of the Galenic school were at a loss when faced with
this new epidemic and, because their master's book had no description about the disease, how
it spread or ways to cure it, they were unable to help those who sought their assistance ...

Uncertainty in signal estimation and stochastic weighted Viterbi algorithm: A unified framework to address robustness in speech recognition and speaker …

NB Yoma, C Molina, C Garreton… - … Speech Recognition and …, 2007 -
... Source: Robust Speech Recognition and Understanding, Book edited by: Michael Grimm
and Kristian Kroschel, ISBN 987-3-90213-08-0, pp.460, I-Tech, Vienna, Austria, June
2007 Open Access Database Page 2. ...

Inverse Scattering in the Low-Frequency Region by Using Acoustic Point Sources

NL Tsitsas -
... Several 11 Page 2. 2 Acoustic Wave book 1 physical applications of layered media point-source
excitation in seismic wave propagation, underwater acoustics, and biology are reported in (16)
and (17). ... Page 4. 4 Acoustic Wave book 1 6M# 6Q# ] \ 3 0 \ V V =\ 9T 9Q 61 # 6T 6T+1 ...

Scoliosis Idiopathic? The Etiologic Factors in Scoliosis Will Affect Preventive and Conservative Therapeutic Strategies

PJM van Loon -
... In 1792 the surgeon of the city of Amsterdam David Van Gesscher published his
book on “Observations on Deformations of the Spine” (in Dutch and assigned to
the German surgeon at the court of King George III of England). ...

Numerical simulation of solar cells and solar cell characterization methods: the open-source on demand program AFORSHET

R Stangl, C Leendertz… - Solar Energy (RD Rugescu, …, 2010 -
... externally applied voltage. Source: Solar Energy, Book edited by: Radu D. Rugescu,
ISBN 978-953-307-052-0, pp. 432, February 2010, INTECH, Croatia, downloaded
from SCIYO.COM Page 2. Solar Energy 320 Most solar ...

Psychological motivated multi-stage emotion classification exploiting voice quality features

M Lugger… - Speech Recognition, In-Tech, 2008 -
... In comparison to support vector machines or neural networks, the Bayesian classifier we use
can be Open Access Database Source: Speech Recognition, Technologies
and Applications, Book edited by: France Mihelic and Janez Žibert, ISBN 978-953-7619 ...

Pregnancy Issues in Women with Atrial Septal Defect

D Balaguru -
... Specifically, atrial septal defect (ASD) is a non-lethal, acyanotic lesion in which
survival into adulthood with or without surgery is common place. Types of ASD and
hemodynamics have been discussed elsewhere in this book. ...

JPEG for Arabic Handwritten Character Recognition: Add a Dimension of Application

AA Aburas… - Advances in Robotics, Automation and Control … -
... 6. Results and discussion Once the codebook is installed the algorithm is ready for testing. Test
should cover all available data (1968 tests) to ensure that the code book can handle wide range
of expected character images and recognize them with minor errors. ...

Quantitative models for centralised supply chain coordination

MY Jaber… - Supply Chains: Theory and Applications, 2008 -
... This chapter will also provide a map indicative of the limitations of the available studies and steer
readers to future directions along this line of research. Source: Supply Chain,Theory and
Applications, Book edited by: Vedran Kordic, ISBN 978-3-902613-22-6, pp. ...

Stability Analysis of Polynomials with Polynomic Uncertainty

P Hušek -
... For example, in the work (Neimark, 1949) some effective techniques for small number of
parameters are presented. A powerful result concerning the stability analysis of polynomials with
multilinear dependency of its coefficients is given in the book (Zadeh & Desoer, 1963). ...

Monte Carlo implementations of two sex density dependent branching processes and their applications in evolutionary genetics

CJ Mode, T Raj… - Applications of Monte Carlo Methods in … -
... hundred years or more. Some references to this early literature may be found in the
book of Harris (1963) (7) as well as in the book Mode (1971) (9) on mulitype branching
process and their applications. Other books on branching ...

The Growth and Development in Healthy Child

S Çetinkaya -
... Shows signs of fear when he is left alone or put into bed. Turns his arms into his face to not to
shower. Game: Storage and search, secretly looking, yelling like Boo, looking at pictures in a
book. ... Can look at the pictures in a book carefully by turning over a few pages together. ...

Nanostructured metal oxides based enzymatic electrochemical biosensors

AA Ansari, M Alhoshan, MS Alsalhi… - Intelligent and …, 2010 -
... When a redox protein is immobilized on a biocompatible metal oxide electrode surface,
it will exhibit reasonably fast electron transfer kinetic and permit the Source: Biosensors,
Book edited by: Pier Andrea Serra, ISBN 978-953-7619-99-2, pp. ...

Practical considerations for simulated annealing implementation

S Ledesma, G Aviña… - Simulated Annealing, 2008 -
... problems. In particular, it is discussed how to train artificial neural networks using
simulated annealing with gradient based algorithms. Source: Simulated Annealing,
Book edited by: Cher Ming Tan, ISBN 978-953-7619-07-7, pp. 420 ...

Biological Stoichiometry: The Elements at the Heart of Biological Interactions

M Cherif -
... 2006). Most of the advances in ecological stoichiometry, from its birth to the early years of this
century are well summarized in the book "Ecological stoichiometry: The biology of elements from
molecules to the biosphere" published in 2002 by Sterner and Elser. ...

Particle Swarm Optimization–Stochastic Trajectory Analysis and Parameter Selection

M Jiang, YP Luo… - Swarm intelligence focus on ant and …, 2007 -
... Those results give some hints on how the chosen parameters can influence the performance
of PSO algorithm, and thus parameter selection guideline is Source: Swarm Intelligence: Focus
on Ant and Particle Swarm Optimization, Book edited by: Felix TS Chan and Manoj ...

Simulation optimization using swarm intelligence as tool for cooperation strategy design in 3d predator-prey game

EG Castro… - CHAN, FTS e TIWARI, MK Swarm …, 2007 -
... The aiming of this work is to propose a simulation optimization tool for solutions' synthesis to
a problem involving a dynamic and complex system (to bring forth strategies for a Source: Swarm
Intelligence: Focus on Ant and Particle Swarm Optimization, Book edited by: Felix TS ...

Target data association using a fuzzy-logic based approach

SC Stubberud… - chapter in Sensor and Data Fusion, I- …, 2009 -
... These regions, usually described as probability density functions, then interact with probability
density functions that describe the target's kinematic track information. Open Access Database Source: Sensor and Data Fusion, Book edited by: Dr. ir. ...

Recognizing Face Images with Disguise Variations

R Singh, M Vatsa… - … in Face Recognition (K. Delac, et. al., …, 2008 -
... Silva and Rosa Open Access Database Source: Recent Advances in Face
Recognition, Book edited by: Kresimir Delac, Mislav Grgic and Marian Stewart Bartlett, ISBN
978-953-7619-34-3, pp. 236, December 2008, I-Tech, Vienna, Austria Page 2. ...

The LNG-IUS: The First Choice Alternative to Hysterectomy? Intrauterine Levonorgestrel-Releasing Systems for Effective Treatment and Contraception

D Wildemeersch -
... Another chapter in this book focuses on the effect of these systems on menstrual blood loss in women
with and without heavy menstrual bleeding or menorrhagia. ... (CEPARH, Brazil) was recently reported
at the World Congress on the Menopause (Abstract Book p. 74). ...

Efficient 2-D DCT computation from an image representation point of view”

GA Papakostas, DE Koulouriotis… - Image Processing, …, 2009 -
... the years. Source: Image Processing, Book edited by: Yung-Sheng Chen, ISBN
978-953-307-026-1, pp. 572, December 2009, INTECH, Croatia, downloaded from
SCIYO.COM Page 2. Image Processing 22 These algorithms ...

Shift Invariant Discrete Wavelet Transforms

H Olkkonen… -
... Gopinath showed that increasing N the shift invariance of the wavelet transform improves.
However, the greatest advantage comes from the change 1 to 2 N = . In this book chapter we
review the methods for constructing the shift invariant CQF and BF wavelet sequences. ...

Generation and resonance scattering of waves on cubically polarisable layered structures

L Angermann… - Numerical Simulations–Applications, …, 2011 -
... That is, the non-linear medium represents an infinite plate of thickness 4pd. As in the book
Akhmediev & Ankevich (2003), the investigations will be restricted to non-linear media having
a spatially non-local response function, ie the spatial dispersion is ignored (cf. ...

Electrodiagnostic Medicine Consultation in Peripheral Nerve Disorders

SM Rayegani… -
... Theses disorders need to be discussed in detail in separate book chapter, however it is worthwhile
to mention here that except for time course assessment of the study other issues including
localization, prognostication and determining pathophysiologic type of disorders ie ...

Mass Transfer-The Skeleton of Purification Processes

B Khoshandam -
... Different units have been studied in a valuable book under the title “Mass Transfer Operations”
(Treybal, 1955) and added others as well, (McCabe et al., 1956), (Pavlov et al., 1979), (Henley
et al., 1981), (Hines & Maddox, 1985), (Khoury, 1995) and (Geankoplis, 2003). ...

Wave propagation and dynamic fracture in laser shock-loaded solid materials

T De Rességuier, JP Cuq-Lelandais… - Wave Propagation in …, 2010 -
... In a first example, spall fracture observed in laser shock-loaded single crystal quartz provides
very clear evidence of the strong effect of crystal anisotropy on stress wave Source: Wave
Propagation in Materials for Modern Applications, Book edited by: Andrey Petrin, ISBN 978 ...

The Representation of Objects in the Brain, and Its Link with Semantic Memory and Language: a Conceptual Theory with the Support of a Neurocomputational …

C Cuppini, E Magosso… - Cognitive maps, 2010 -
... 2004; Gainotti 2006). Nevertheless, all these theories substantially agree in Source: Cognitive
Maps, Book edited by: Karl Perusich, ISBN 978-953-307-044-5, pp. 140, January 2010, INTECH,
Croatia, downloaded from SCIYO.COM Page 2. Cognitive Maps 102 ...

Fault Detection Algorithm Based on Filters Bank Derived from Wavelet Packets

O Mustapha, M Khalil, G Hoblos… - … and Control”, I–Tech, 2008 -
... Filters bank is preferred in comparison with wavelet Open Access Database Source: Robotics, Automation and Control, Book edited by: Pavla
Pecherková, Miroslav Flídr and Jindrich Duník, ISBN 978-953-7619-18-3, pp. ...

Soft Lithography, a Tool to Address Single-Objects Investigations

A Cerf… - 2010 -
... damaging them. The flexibility of the Source: Lithography, Book edited by: Michael
Wang, ISBN 978-953-307-064-3, pp. 656, February 2010, INTECH, Croatia,
downloaded from SCIYO.COM Page 2. Lithography 448 PDMS ...

Clustering Parallel Data Streams

Y Chen -
... Open Access Database Source: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
in Real Life Applications, Book edited by: Julio Ponce and Adem Karahoca, ISBN
978-3-902613-53-0, pp. 438, February 2009, I-Tech, Vienna, Austria Page 2. ...

The r-Process of Nucleosynthesis: The Puzzle Is Still with Us

M Arnould… - 2006 -
... They are naturally referred to as the s-, r-, and p-processes. An extensive survey
of the p-process can be found in Arnould & Goriely (2003), while some aspects of
the s-process are the subject of another chapter of this book. ...

Investigation of Mixing in Shear Thinning Fluids Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

F Ein-Mozaffari… - Computational Fluid Dynamics, 2010 -
... The objective of this work is to present recent developments in using CFD to investigate the
mixing of shear-thinning fluids possessing yield stress. Source: Computational Fluid Dynamics,
Book edited by: Hyoung Woo OH, ISBN 978-953-7619-59-6, pp. ...

Bias Monte Carlo Methods in Environmental Engineering

AS Kim -
... 1.1.1 Conventional point of view: Frequency Reif (1965) indicated in his book that the probability
of the occurrence of a particular event is defined with respect to a particular ensemble consisting
of a very large number of similarly prepared systems; and is given by the fraction of ...

Language therapy to children with autism spectrum disorders

FDM Fernandes, DR Molini-Avejonas… - … DM Befi-Lopes & SC o …, 2004 -
... Page 2. A Comprehensive Book on Autism Spectrum Disorders 24 educational and intervention
alternatives. ... Several studies indicate that autistic children that can speak are frequently considered
Page 4. A Comprehensive Book on Autism Spectrum Disorders 26 ...

Topological Analysis of Cellular Networks

C Rodríguez-Caso… -
... Two nodes are linked when they satisfy Open Access Database Source:
Data Mining in Medical and Biological Research, Book edited by: Eugenia G. Giannopoulou,
ISBN 978-953-7619-30-5, pp. 320, December 2008, I-Tech, Vienna, Austria Page 2. ...

Model Independent Vibration Control

J Yuan -
... For broadband control applications in lightly-damped vibration systems, it is more difficult to
implement MIFC systems, since most available MIFC systems are based on FIR path models.
Source: Vibration Control, Book edited by: Dr. Mickaël Lallart, ISBN 978-953-307-117-6, pp. ...

Strategies for High Resolution Patterning of Conducting Polymers

L Jiang… -
... [15] Apart from the detection of chemical vapors, improved sensing behaviour is also observed
when detecting biological molecules, such as glucose[16] and biotin. [17] Source: Lithography,
Book edited by: Michael Wang, ISBN 978-953-307-064-3, pp. ...

Variants of Kalman Filter for the Synchronization of Chaotic Systems

S Puthusserypady… -
... al., 1997). Let the transmitter and the receiver states of the chaotic systems be given by Source:
Kalman Filter, Book edited by: Vedran Kordic, ISBN 978-953-307-094-0, pp. 390, May 2010,
INTECH, Croatia, downloaded from SCIYO.COM Page 2. Kalman Filter 210 ...

Fabrication of Functional Metallic Nanowires Using Electrodeposition Technique

T Ohgai -
... They observed that the 15% of GMR at room temperature on Co/Cu multilayered nanowires.
In the almost same time, GMR of Source: Electrodeposited Nanowires and Their Applications,
Book edited by: Nicoleta Lupu, ISBN 978-953-7619-88-6, pp. ...

Medium Access Control in Distributed Wireless Networks

J Peng -
... In addition, control frames have considerably long airtimes Source: Communications and
Networking, Book edited by: Jun Peng, ISBN 978-953-307-114-5, pp. 434, September 2010,
Sciyo, Croatia, downloaded from SCIYO.COM Page 2. Communications and Networking 340 ...

Multi-Domain Modelling and Control in Mechatronics: the Case of Common Rail Injection Systems

P Lino… -
... Open Access Database Source: Robotics, Automation and Control, Book
edited by: Pavla Pecherková, Miroslav Flídr and Jindrich Duník, ISBN 978-953-7619-18-3, pp.
494, October 2008, I-Tech, Vienna, Austria Page 2. Robotics, Automation and Control 2 ...

Mining Multiple-level Association Rules Based on Pre-large Concepts

TP Hong, TJ Huang… -
... It first calculated large itemsets mainly from newly Open Access Database www.intechweb.
org Source: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Real Life Applications, Book edited
by: Julio Ponce and Adem Karahoca, ISBN 978-3-902613-53-0, pp. ...

Fabrication of Bio-nanocomposite Nanofibers Mimicking the Mineralized Hard Tissues via Electrospinning Process

GM Kim -
... The main idea in biomimetic approaches is to control and fabricate the morphology and the Source:
Nanofibers, Book edited by: Ashok Kumar, ISBN 978-953-7619-86-2, pp. 438, February 2010,
INTECH, Croatia, downloaded from SCIYO.COM Page 2. Nanofibers 70 ...

Statistical Errors in Remote Passive Wireless SAW Sensing Employing Phase Differences

YS Shmaliy, OY Shmaliy, O Ibarra-Manzano… -
... Here, the estimate of the RF pulse phase relative to the reference is formed to range either from
–p/2 to p/2 or from –p to p by, respectively, 1 Below, we consider the case of M = 2. Source:
Acoustic Waves, Book edited by: Don W. Dissanayake, ISBN 978-953-307-111-4, pp. ...

Estrogen and Brain Protection

X Ju, D Metzger… -
... Accordingly, 17ß-estradiol has been the subject for neuroprotective properties in major
neurodegenerative disorders such as stroke, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease,
and ethanol withdrawal, and thus a topic of this book chapter. Fig. ...

Estimation of Tire-Road Forces and Vehicle Sideslip Angle

G Baffet, A Charara… -
... Open Access Database Source: Advances in Robotics, Automation
and Control, Book edited by: Jesús Arámburo and Antonio Ramírez Treviño, ISBN
78-953-7619-16-9, pp. 472, October 2008, I-Tech, Vienna, Austria Page 2. ...

Linguistic Productivity and Recurrent Neural Networks

A Sakurai… - Recurrent Neural Networks, ISBN -
... Open Access Database Source: Recurrent Neural Networks, Book edited
by: Xiaolin Hu and P. Balasubramaniam, ISBN 978-953-7619-08-4, pp. 400, September 2008,
I-Tech, Vienna, Austria Page 2. Recurrent Neural Networks 44 ...

Semiconductor Ridge Microcavities Generating Counterpropagating Entangled Photons

X Caillet, A Orieux, I Favero, G Leo… -
... Section 3 is devoted to the Source: Advances in Lasers and Electro Optics, Book edited by: Nelson
Costa and Adolfo Cartaxo, ISBN 978-953-307-088-9, pp. 838, April 2010, INTECH, Croatia,
downloaded from SCIYO.COM Page 2. Advances in Lasers and Electro Optics 84 ...

MO-Miner: A Data Mining Tool Based on Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms

GMB de Oliveira, LGA Martins… -
... MO-miner keeps the metrics related to Open Access Database
Source: Advances in Robotics, Automation and Control, Book edited by: Jesús Arámburo
and Antonio Ramírez Treviño, ISBN 78-953-7619-16-9, pp. ...

Positioning Systems for Bed Profiling in Hydraulics Physical Models

J Palma, P Morais, L Guilherme… -
... Experimental results from its Source: Motion Control, Book edited by: Federico Casolo, ISBN
978-953-7619-55-8, pp. 580, January 2010, INTECH, Croatia, downloaded from SCIYO.COM
Page 2. Motion Control 516 application to a particular hydraulics study are shown. ...

Detecting Psoriasis Arthritis Early in the Disease Course–Why This is Important and How Dermatologists and Rheumatologists Can Successfully Cooperate?

P Härle -
... textbooks. This book chapter is dedicated to discuss why we need to detect PsA early
and will answer the question of how patients with psoriasis can be screened for
possible early peripheral and spinal arthritis manifestations. ...

Efficient Estimation of Distribution Algorithms by using the Empirical Selection Distribution

SI Valdez, A Hernández… -
... Four selection distribution formulas for an infinite population are shown in Table Source: New
Achievements in Evolutionary Computation, Book edited by: Peter Korosec, ISBN
978-953-307-053-7, pp. 318, February 2010, INTECH, Croatia, downloaded from SCIYO.COM ...

Dynamic Modelling Predictions of Airborne Acidification of Polish Terrestrial Ecosystems

W Mill - 2011 -
... Critical load concept supporting the Gothenburg Protocol is based on a steady-state approach
where critical loads are constant depositions that an ecosystem can be exposed to Source:
Dynamic Modelling, Book edited by: Alisson V. Brito, ISBN 978-953-7619-68-8, pp. ...

An Asymmetric Magneto-Optical Trap

HR Noh… -
... of transient oscillation, the trap frequency and damping coefficient were obtained by measuring
the trajectory of the atoms returning to the original trap center, after the applied uniform magnetic
field, used for Source: Recent Optical and Photonic Technologies, Book edited by: Ki ...

Wind Power Impact on Power System Dynamic Performance

ES Karapidakis -
... In order to ensure the maximum exploitation of the available renewable power sources
and to operate systems with increased wind power penetration in Source: Wind Power,
Book edited by: SM Muyeen, ISBN 978-953-7619-81-7, pp. ...

Neural Stem/Progenitor Cell Clones as Models for Neural Development and Transplantation

H Li, H Zhao, X Shu… -
... In this book chapter, we will review more recent discoveries with these “old” and more recently
generated neural progenitor clones as in vitro models to unravel NSC differentiation mechanisms
as well as cellular tools for testing their therapeutic potentials in paradigms of ...

Cherenkov Phase Matched Monochromatic Tunable Terahertz Wave Generation

K Suizu, T Shibuya… -
... Source: Recent Optical and Photonic Technologies, Book edited by: Ki Young Kim, ISBN
978-953-7619-71-8, pp. 450, January 2010, INTECH, Croatia, downloaded from
SCIYO.COM Page 2. Recent Optical and Photonic Technologies 126 ...

Elements of Sequential Detection with Applications to Sensor Networks

S Marano… -
... In discussing the applications to the sensor network, again, we have no pretence at all
of Open Access Database Source: Sensor and Data Fusion, Book
edited by: Dr. ir. Nada Milisavljevic, ISBN 978-3-902613-52-3, pp. ...

A New Waveform based on Linear Precoded Multicarrier Modulation for Future Digital Video Broadcasting Systems

OP Pasquero, M Crussière, Y Nasser, E Cholet… - 2009 -
... Eventually, these pilots dramatically reduce the spectral efficiency and the useful bit rate of
the system. The basic idea consists in using a two-dimensional (2D) linear Source: Digital Video,
Book edited by: Floriano De Rango, ISBN 978-953-7619-70-1, pp. ...

Analogue of the Event Horizon in Fibers

F König, TG Philbin, C Kuklewicz, S Robertson… -
... Sec. 5 to find the behavior of light at a horizon, before we describe the scattering
process that Source: Advances in Lasers and Electro Optics, Book edited by: Nelson
Costa and Adolfo Cartaxo, ISBN 978-953-307-088-9, pp. ...

Cannabinoids: Forensic Toxicology and Therapeutics

HM Teixeira… -
... Thus, in 1840, the French physician Jacques-Joseph Moreau, considered as the father
of psychopharmacology, described in his book "Du Haschisch et de l'alienation mentale,
Psychologiques études" (1845), the toxic effects of Page 2. ...

In Vitro Breast Cancer Models as Useful Tools in Therapeutics?

E Bana… -
... Scheme 1. In vitro systems as alternatives to the use of animals. Within the framework
of this book, the question becomes now: how the 3Rs could be the best way to phase
out animal experiments when considering breast cancer? ...

Adiabatic Shear: Pre-and Post-critical Dynamic Plasticity Modelling and Study of Impact Penetration. Heat Generation in this Context

P Longère, A Dragon - 2010 -
... Intense shearing can lead to the development of adiabatic shear bands which are Source:
Dynamic Modelling, Book edited by: Alisson V. Brito, ISBN 978-953-7619-68-8, pp. 290, January
2010, INTECH, Croatia, downloaded from SCIYO.COM Page 2. Dynamic Modelling 234 ...
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